About OUr Founder... By Our Founder

Cassandra Shuck



Y'all know the definition of insanity?  
Doing the same thing over + over, and expecting a different result.

This was my relationship with the corporate world. 

I would get a job, love the paycheck and hate the work.
Quickly thereafter, usually within a year, I would quit the job + start something entrepreneurial.
About six month later, I would miss the paycheck + give up on whatever dream I was pursuing. 
I did this over, and over, and over again. 

After landing MY DREAM JOB, a job had literally dreamt of, and going through the same cycle -
I knew something had to change. 

No matter what industry I was in and how many zero’s were on my paycheck –
I was never truly fulfilled... satisfied... or happy… something was always missing.

After A LOT of self-reflection I discovered some things;
The one job I loved and was at long-term was helping other entrepreneurs grow their businesses. 
And the one thing I wanted more than anything was to be a mother.

And so Tola Marketing + Creative began. 
An agency built on supporting and empowering women in business planningcreative marketing.
An agency encouraging mompreneurs to live their dream and balance all the things.

Welcome sister, you've found where your belong. 


Fun Facts


I am obsessed with writing things down and ABSOLUTELY love all things paper. Things are just better handwritten.

I am obsessed with writing things down + ABSOLUTELY love all things paper. All things are just better handwritten.


My life truly wouldn't be the same without music. Step into Tola's office any day of the week - we are sure to be jamming out.


The next dog I plan on owning will be a French Bulldog, hopefully a rescue.  These little clowns bring a smile to my face.


My dream vacation is Bali with my family. I've had a few opportunities to go, but I am afraid I won't come back.


I truly believe that there is nothing a nice warm cup of coffee can't help. Pour yourself a cup and let the magic elixir go to work. 


I'm a certified yoga instructor. When I am on my yoga mat I find the most clarity about life, relationships and business.