The word tola comes from Sanskrit, meaning to bring back to balance.

Modern entrepreneurial women have so many roles to fill each day that there is a need to focus on making sure life stays somewhat in balance.

Started by Cassandra Shuck in 2011, Tola’s mission is to help women of all businesses, from law firms to yoga studios,
bridge the gap between great ideas on the back of a napkin and effective development
By using a highly collaborative partnership approach, we’ve been able to help clients around the world strengthen their brand.
We consider our clients not just clients, but friends.

From small but mighty at-home businesses, to large global empires – our goals for our clients remain the same;
to empower women to design businesses around their true passions and calling.

Based in lovely Charlotte, North Carolina with staff + clients all around the world, we cater to female entrepreneurs and brands
with that are woman-focused because we understand their goals + audience.

Plus, we believe there’s nothing better than women supporting women.


core values



We educate along the way.

We want you to understand the suggestions we make and learn to speak the marketing + tech lingo. We take a teaching approach with each project we work on as an added value to our client.


We keep it real.

There are agencies out there that are only interested in their revenue. They’ll present the the best solution for their bottom line.  If it’s not what we’d do for our business, we’ll let you know.  We shoot straight and you’ll always get an honest answer. 


We own our mistakes.

Mistakes will happen. Let’s face it, we are humans interacting and working with other humans. If we notice we made a mistake – we’ll own it, do whatever we can to fix it and make sure nothing gets thrown off balance.