Tola's January Playlist

Starting this month, we’d like to share a fun post of what we’ve been jamming out to in the Tola Marketing office.  We truly believe that music is good for the soul and helps with creativity!  

Coldplay – Yellow
Arguably one of the best Coldplay songs ever written!  This is a jam that usually goes on in the early morning hours when we are just setting up our to-do lists for the day.  Total side note, it’s crazy to think this song came out 18 years ago – boy does time fly when you’re having fun!

Imagine Dragons – Thunder
Little more of a recent song that has become SUPER popular in the office to help us with our midday slump.  Generally, a great song to dance and get a few steps in… because fitness!  

George Michael – Freedom! 90’s
Sometimes older songs make it back to the forefront of our playlists.  This is a great example of that.  Love the uplifting words and tempo – plus, let’s just say that it’s super fun to sing at the top of your lungs!

Rachel Platten – Broken Glass
All I have to say is this girl did it again!  How could someone write a song that’s more inspirations and uplifting than her first song, Fight Song?  Oh, Rachel Platten, sweet friend, you made it look easy.  Another amazing ‘sing-at-the-top-of-your-lungs’ song!

Hope you’ve enjoyed what we are listening (and singing to) at the office.
Leave us a comment below about what you’ve been enjoying lately!