Tola's January Top 6

Another year, another list of resolutions…
Things we’d like to accomplish in the upcoming year.

This month for ’Tola’s Top 6”, I’d like to focus on things that will help you and your loved ones make the most out of the new year!  Can y’all even believe it’s 2018? Seems like just yesterday we were waiting for Y2K!  Year’s have been flying by faster and faster.

Here are some of my recommendations;

  1. Emily Ley’s Simplified Planner – One of my personal goals is to keep all the things neat and organized in 2018 – both personal and business.  This year got a bit more complicated with the addition of my little one, so keeping things organized is imperative.  The Simplified Planner is an absolutely stunning tool that allows  “busy women in all seasons of life” to have a fresh start each day.
  2. Yeti Tumbler – Not going to lie, I could drink more water… It’s something I always have the best intention of doing and then it gets pushed aside.  Water is basically the most important thing you could ever give yourself!  I personally use this tumbler on my desk each day – making sure it’s filled up with ice each morning before I begin work and continuing to refill with bottled water throughout the day.
  3. Prayer Journal – Spending time in the word of God and journaling can be a healing process. Combining quiet moments for daily prayer and meditation,  along with journaling can help to sort out the thoughts swirling around in your head and keep track of things you are grateful for.  I personally found this practice really puts things in perspective when I am feeling stressed or anxious.
  4. Travel Yoga Mat – Whether you’re replacing an old one or maybe adding to your collection, a new yoga mat is a great way to motivate yourself in the new year!  I have way too many, and to be honest, they are all my favorites!
  5. Bath Bombs – I LIVED on these when I was pregnant!  Postpartum – do you think I’ve used one yet? As I get older and busier, I am learning nothing is more important than taking time for self-care!  So many of us spend our time serving others and often miss out on repaying the favor to ourselves!
  6. Food Journal – The top resolution for people around the world is to eat better and be healthier.  This resolution for many people is reoccurring, happening year over year – without really any change.  What better way to keep yourself accountable than to get a food journal to track your progress.  I found this one and I am seriously in love… fill-in trackers and checklists, thought-provoking Q&A’s, goal setting guidance and prompt for self-reflection – what’s not to love?

Let us know what products you are LOVING that help you make the most out of the new year.  Cheers to 2018!