Hire Me Headshots

TM+C Branding v2.0 (15).png


This logo conveys the brand’s service and reinforces its name. We decided to use a profile inside of a camera outline (which is built around the letters “h” and “t”) to illustrate “headshot” in a creative and intriguing way.


Color Palette

We chose this color palette to reinforce the brand’s professional identity.

The blue is the primary color, used for banners and buttons, and the red is used for accents and text.



We chose ‘4 Magic DNA’ for the logo because it’s sophisticated and suave, just like this client.

We used ‘AvantGarde Medium’ for copy because it’s clean and easy to read.



As this brand provides a service, we created a letterhead and envelope that could be used in correspondence and print media marketing. We also created business cards using the color palette and typography to maintain a cohesive brand identity.

BrandingCassandra Leszek Shuck