Milkin' Cookie



Because we wanted to showcase exactly what the product was, we incorporated cookies into this logo, and intentionally chose to illustrate them. Milkin’ Cookie specifically makes lactation support cookies. Thus, the way the two cookies are placed in the logo is very strategic.


Color Palette

We chose this color palette to showcase the character of the brand: feminine and charming.

The pink colors are the primary and are used for banners, accents, and packaging.

The yellow and blue colors are used for buttons and calls to action.



We chose ‘Amatic SC Bold’ for the logo because it’s legible and it’s playful. It’s also unique, which means customers will easily identify it with the brand.

We used ‘Lato Hairline’ for copy because it’s light and pleasing to the eye.


It’s all in the details! If you’ve got a tangible product, then you’ve got to put thought into tangible materials.

For this brand’s packaging, we stayed true to the color palette and typography.

We created labels and packing tape to use when packing the products, as well as business cards.